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I believe you can live a life designed by YOU, not for you.

Witnessing beautiful beings like yourself indulge in your passions brings me so much joy! I know the feeling of living a life that was designed for us... by our parents, by society, by our teachers... and most of the time, it does not bring us this life happiness or satisfaction many seek and never achieve in their whole life span.

Through trial and error, through crushing courses, and aches and pains, I've crafted offerings for parts of our lives I am truly passionate about and an expert in. Before you begin scrolling down to my offers, please take a moment to ask yourself, if you could make anything happen with a snap of fingers, what would it be? Now scroll and find the right offer to help you achieve that.

POV (Point of View:

You are scrolling through my website, remembering the first time you visited during a time in your life when you were truly lost and unaware of the potential you have of living a life designed by your dreams and passions. You are breathing and living your deepest desires thanks to the inner work and manifesting everlasting abundance. You have won this game called life.

The Janet Jaimes Offers Suite


One-on-One Coaching Call

One Time Price: $250

The One-on-One Coaching Session is a grand opportunity for you to open yourself up and vent to someone who is a Certified Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, and a GREAT listener. These 90 minutes are all and only for you!

In the session, we cover:

  • What kind of challenges you are presently facing?

  • Uncover what you are trying to accomplish in life and in the next few months.

  • Identify roadblocks and understand where they come from.

  • Develop a road map for you to grow and reach your goals.

By the end of the call, you will have a clear understanding of what to do next to achieve your goals. As a gift, the session includes a free 30 Day Self Love Challenge worksheet.

Are you finally ready to be heard and seen? Book your call with me today!

More Programs Coming Soon!

Thank you for visiting my services page. At this time, I am only offering One-On-One Coaching Calls. If you are interested in any programs or workshops, please sit tight since I am in the process of publishing them real soon!

Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime...

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You are deserving of love. Without self love, you will not witness your full potential. By having self love, you will feel empowered to start carving a path tailored to your deepest desires. To achieve your visions, you must first believe in yourself. And, you can do just that by growing self love.


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