Are you struggling to start your social media business because you don’t know where
or how to start?


If you want to excel in social media management, even with little to no experience, then this is for you!

Are you tired of your robotic and monotonous routine?
Are you ready to be the leader of your own life?
Are you ready to ditch the clock and wake up on your own time?
Are you ready to work by your own rules?
Are you ready to turn your regular income into a six-figure without having to work over 40 hours per week?
Are you ready to live a life that feels like a vacation?

Let me tell you one thing

You don’t need a degree in marketing or business to start your career as a social media manager!


You don’t need prior experience to step into the social media management business!


You deserve a life outside that cubicle!


You deserve the freedom to design your own life!


You deserve to be your own boss!


You deserve to live by your own rules!


You can totally make it happen!



All you need is a step-by-step guide, and tools that can set you up for success.


You’re a newbie in
social media marketing.

What if I told you?

  • Despite all these fears, you can totally ace the social media management game! (No, I’m not trying to fool you around. There isn’t any rocket science behind it)

  • You can remove your income limitations

  • Reach your highest potential

  • Expand your annual income to 6, 7 or even 8 figures without having to compromise the freedom of being your own boss and managing your own schedule


All of this is pretty much possible if you are ready to work hard and take the lead. I have the answers to your questions and the solutions to your fears as a newbie, in the social media marketing landscape. With my step-to-step guide, you are set to embark on the journey of your success.

It is said that individuals who start off with clearly defined goals are 10 times more successful than those who start off clueless.

My signature ebook provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the social media management
the landscape for entrepreneurs like you, who have the potential, but have no clue where to begin.


What’s in the e-book?

The e-book elaborates the how to tap into the social media landscape and provides detailed
information on:



  • Goal Setting and Planning


  • Which FREE Certifications To Take + In Which Order


  • Helping You Set Up Your Foundation


  • What services are you going to offer?


  • How to name your prices?


  • How to build a resume and portfolio with little to no experience?


  • Explanation about contracts + proposals


  • Where To Find Potential Clients

  • How To Pitch + Consultation Guidelines

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Most importantly, the e-book is designed to best fit your working style.

In addition to all of the above, at the end of the e-book, you will find:

✔ Achieve Your Goals Worksheet
✔ Schedule Worksheet
✔ Journey Checklist
✔ How To Price Your Work Worksheet
✔ Content Calendar Spreadsheet
✔ Consultation Call Checklist
✔ Proposal Template

So that you can track what you’ve learned and implemented it effectively

as you move along. Just to save you the trial-and-error stretch, and to give

you a head-start.



How is it going to help?

With the help of the e-book, you will be able to:
✔ Develop a proper business plan with crisply defined goals leading your business to success.
✔ Conveniently outline and highlight the services you are willing to offer.
Identify the market which you’re going to target.
Identify which courses to take, and prioritize them according to their content so as to make the most out of them.
✔ Identify paraphernalia suited to your services.
✔ Develop a suitable price for the services you are offering.
Find potential clients for your business.
✔ Fashion the perfect pitch.
✔ Create a striking proposal for your potential clients.
✔ Curate an attractive resume with a captivating portfolio so that you can pitch it to potential clients.

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By the time you finish the e-book, you will be; well-versed with the prospects of social media management and; mindful of building a successful social media marketing business.

To be proficient in your role as a social media expert, you need to first build a stable foundation.

My e-book is the ultimate guide and companion you need, on your journey to a successful social media management business.

If you begin your new journey with doubts, you’ll end up nowhere!

The e-book is principally focused to help people who want to be their own boss and start their own business. However, the content value is equally beneficial for those who wish to work for a company.

This e-book will help you succeed
By helping you take control of:

✔ Your time
✔ Your schedule
✔ Your energy

And use them to make a Rewarding Income.
But this e-book won’t be of any help to you, if you:


  •  Don’t like to work hard

  •  Don’t want to educate yourself

  •  Don’t want to gain more skills

  •  Have a difficult time practicing self-discipline

  •  Are not ready to start believing in yourself

  •  Are not ready to build self-confidence

  •  Are too afraid to take risks

  •  Are too afraid to take the leap

  •  Rush in for results


Why does this matter?

If you aren’t fully aware of the prospects of your business
If you don’t exactly know what you are offering to the clients
If you can’t find a good way to pitch your idea
If you feel disorganized
If you feel stressed out and overworked
If you are unable to manage the turbulence in the business landscape

Then your dreams of becoming a successful social media manager might end up in dust.

You can achieve your goal only when you have enough knowledge and experience to make
informed choices and decisions.

This e-book is essentially designed and developed:

To assist entrepreneurs like you who:

Feel disoriented on how to start the business;
Have the knowledge but lack experience;
Are not fully aware of the business prospects.
To help you outline an outstanding business plan

with well-defined goals.
To help you create the perfect business pitch.
Not just to kick-start your social media management

business, but to expand and enhance its rapport.
To help you successfully deal with

the turbulence in your business.

Even if you are working for a company and not willing to be an entrepreneur, this e-book is just the thing you need to level up your game.

When working your way to success, patience is the key!

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How to use this book

The ideas presented in this e-book are flexible to your schedule and needs. You can:

Read the whole book at once and use it as a guide once you set sail

Read each chapter one by one

Take action after finishing each chapter: This will help slow down the implementation process

      which is ideal for optimum integration and results

Whichever way you choose, this e-book will be your guide to success! The ideas, tips, and tricks shared in this e-book are proven to work!

I am Janet Jaimes; the founder of Gaeanovo, a social media agency with a focus on conscious social media. I call myself the champion of helping people be their own boss. I am also a Certified Coach helping seekers define their true purpose and radiate their authentic selves through spirituality.

It took me less than eight months to create a business with foundations stable enough to allow me to do whatever I want, whenever I want. And now, in less than two years, I have established myself and my business enough to live in my dream apartment with a 6-figure income and a successful social media agency running smoothly.

I have the freedom to: spend more time with myself and my family, travel, and be my own boss. The feeling is so rewarding and uplifting that I feel compelled to tell you all how you can reach
this point in your lives too! I have put together the quintessence of my experience and journey, from a 40-hour job to a successful social media business, in this e-book. I believe anyone can be the boss of their own lives if they have passion, persistence, patience, and determination.

Not having to worry about your income while having the liberty to work by your own rules, is the best feeling in the world.

Your Dreams Come True
Is A Click Away

Meet The Brain Behind The Book

Janet Jaimes