Nice to meet you!


When I stopped letting people and schedules control my life, I started to experience a journey destined for my soul.

Okay, so what’s my story? Ha! I honestly have written my “story” numerous times; and, there are always changes as I write it again or new details added. But I am honestly going to aim to write my story only one time. Hopefully, once is enough.

The first impact of my spiritual journey started when I was five years old. I was run over my lawn mower. I was hospitalized for an extended period of time and underwent numerous of surgeries. I am missing half of my left calve muscle and do not have my half of my left foot. I wear a prosthetic lower leg so I can walk, jump, move and dance my booty off as much as I want. Because of my accident, I was immediately traumatized and conditioned to believe I was not beautiful and will never be due to my leg. Boy, little did I know, it would be the reason why I am in the coaching space today.

The next earliest memory I have which molded my personality and my beautiful life is growing up as Jehovah Witness. My environment was very strict but yet, loving and kind.

Fast-forwarding some, after getting homeschooled through my high school years, and moving out of my parent’s home at the age of 18, I left the religion and started my own life. But during those young years, there was a part of me that still wanted to make my parents happy. So what did I do? I got a full-time job in the finance world and worked in a cubicle for more than 40 hours a week, making loads of money but was not getting anywhere. Having a fantastic career and getting married were the goals of mine, and I thought once I reached those stages in my life, I would be set, and my parents would be happy for me despite not being a Jehovah Witness.

But as we all know it, when something isn’t meant for us, we will sooner than later realize it and our smiles turn into frowns more often than not. When the time came around where I was starting to astoundingly dread going to work, and my anxiety began to build, this is when I made the switch.

Growing up, anything that enticed my creativity and adventure brought me the most joy: photography and travel. I vividly remember having conversations with my mother stating how badly I wanted to travel and take photos. I was one of those kids who often had a new film camera and took photos everywhere I went.

Pigging back on what made me happy as a child, at 20 years old still in a cubicle, I said “I am going to move to the city and become a music photographer!” Just like that. I made immediate changes, moved into an apartment with a three-month lease in my home state, and set the date of June 1st, 2014 to move to Los Angeles. 

After moving, things went uphill, (of course, challenges here and there existed, you know, the usual experiences that help you understand and learn truly about yourself) but in my eyes, I made it out of my small town and left the corporate world to achieve bigger things in life.


My first photo in Los Angeles in 2014

Over the years, I worked two or three jobs, lived in hostels, stayed in rooms with more than 8 people – all while hustling and struggling to “make it” in the city. Thanks to the sweats, tears, and aches from waitressing, I was able to finally land a job in the music industry that paid well enough for me to get my own place, live comfortably, and feel as if I had “succeeded.”

Though something very strange happened over through the years working in the music industry. Less time was being spent on me and doing things I loved like travel and photography, and more time was invested in my career. But why was I complaining and all of a sudden feeling unhappy? I almost felt guilty for having these unhappy thoughts about my career since I had worked so hard to get where I was standing. It didn’t take long to realize that my drinking every week, every weekend, working non-stop would catch up to me. I hit a breaking point. I no longer loved myself. I no longer enjoyed going to work. I no longer liked what I saw in the mirror. The authentic “me” was lost. I did not know who I was anymore.

Thanks to hitting rock bottom, I reached out for help by connecting with a wellness coach and spiritual mentor.

After having a spiritual rebirth at a women’s circle in the mountains of Ojai, I came back to work the following week and decided to quit. It was no longer in alignment with my authentic values. I realized that what mattered the most is to live by my true essence, be on a spiritual path, and inspire others to do the same. 

Once I quit, I went back to school, received my accredited certification in nutrition, life coaching, and mindfulness. Whilst working towards my credentials, I began freelancing again in social media, and most of all started traveling again and taking photos. Though my income was sliced in half, my heart was overflowing with love and blessings. By building my self confidence and learning the power of manifestation through reprogramming my subconscious mind, I was able to achieve big things in less than a year.

mexican woman praying over zen stones

Thanks to my manifesting powers and constantly adding fuel to my self worth, I converted my freelancing career into a small social media agency, working specifically with conscious businesses, helping them achieve their goals. And, now showing up to the world with offerings in helping other people learn how to unleash their potential with love and serve their purpose on earth.

There are no words to express how exciting it is to live in a time like this. Even with the pandemic, challenges, and craziness of the world, it’s clear how much of a need there is for people to let go of anxieties, worries, and fears. It’s a perfect time to unleash the power buried inside of each one of you, hidden behind layers and layers of unwanted. Even though you might not see it, I do. And, I want to help you flap your wings. Thank you!

Yours truly,
Janet Jaimes