Janet Jaimes

Soulpreneur | Speaker | Coach
Traveler | Avid Chai Latte Drinker


Welcome Wanderer!


About Me

My name is Janet Jaimes, an amputee who is an avid chai latte drinker, a marketing consultant, speaker, coach and an ambitious traveler! I've been through various life-changing experiences... and from those experiences, I learned my souls purpose is to inspire and motivate others to live a life of their dreams. Before diving into my offerings and how you and I could partner up, read my story below. 




How Can I Help You?

Marketing Consultant

Founded by Janet Jaimes, Gaeanovo is a marketing firm serving mindful brands and nonprofits from around the globe - helping them fulfil their purpose in a digital age. Gaeanovo offers consultancy and advisory, coaching programs, and workshop and events opportunities to anyone looking for marketing assistance.

Life Coach

After in-depth studying and research acommpanied with transformational life experiences, Janet coaches seekers in areas such as in business, in spirituality, in manifestation, and in the nomadic lifestyle. Janet offers a variety of programs to serve individuals globally.


Due to Janet's impressionable experience and expertise in conscious business, Janet offers her presence to speak at in-person or virtual events on topics tailored to your audience, providing people reliable tools and resources for success in their niche.